2nd edition of the Open Call

Madrid in Motion launches its second Open Call programme, where companies, public administrations and startups from around the world come together to solve urban mobility challenges.

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2020 Challenges

This second edition is celebrated in collaboration with the Madrid City Council, EMT, Mastercard, Naturgy, Ferrovial, Banco Santander and SEAT. Each has canalised mobility issues and launched the challenges to meet in this year's programme.

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Shared mobility

Promote ridesharing in the city

Ferrovial is looking for start-ups that can provide solutions to encourage a change in user behaviour, so that users will choose ridesharing more often in their daily lives.See more

Shared mobility

Boost collaborative electric vehicle charging

As part of its sustainable mobility strategy, Iberdrola is looking for startups that can provide solutions to collaborative electric vehicle charging to users who want to share a charging point and/or make use of third-party charging points.See more

Connected mobility

Voice payments in connected cars

Mastercard is looking for startups with voice identification and payment solutions to pilot test their usefulness to the user while driving, without posing any risk on the road.See more

Electric mobility

Democratise electric vehicle charging stations

Naturgy is looking for start-ups capable of democratising electric charging stations – in other words, making it possible for EV users to recharge their vehicles anywhere in the city, regardless of the operator and through a single payment platform.See more

Connected mobility

Optimize, with AI, Mobility-as-a-Service applications

Banco Santander is looking for innovative solutions for mobility options that also solve user needs during trips, including payment options. Ideas that anticipate the needs and the instant payment of the products and services users purchase.See more

Shared mobility

Self-management of shared and connected cars

SEAT is looking for startups with solutions for monitoring shared and connected cars that make it possible to identify the car's status, avoid unnecessary trips and improve user experience.See more

Programme milestones

Why participate?

Because you will join a collaborative system in which institutions, organisations, leading companies, experts and startups co-create conceptual proofs of concept with real impact that can be pilot tested in the city of Madrid. Because together we are working on solutions that improve the public's quality of life.

And the reasons don't stop there:

Open call 2019

+300 startups applied to the open call.

6 proofs of concept created.

12 partners.

95 media impacts.