3rd edition of the Open Call

Madrid in Motion launches its third Open Call programme, where companies, public administrations and startups from around the world come together to solve urban mobility challenges.

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2021 Challenges

Connected mobility

Supporting local businesses by encouraging sustainable mobility.

Electric mobility

Making recharging electric vehicles easier.

Sustainable mobility

Boosting the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

Circular Economy

To develop the circular economy for batteries.

Mobility and Local business

Improving mobility and logistics at markets.

Smart Mobility

Digital innovation in advertising, formats, and contents enriched with data.

Connected mobility

Improving the mobility of city-dwellers through how public and private data are managed.

Urban mobility

Making urban mobility in our cities more inclusive.

Programme milestones

Why participate?

Because you will join a collaborative system in which institutions, organisations, leading companies, experts and startups co-create conceptual proofs of concept with real impact that can be pilot tested in the city of Madrid. Because together we are working on solutions that improve the public's quality of life.

And the reasons don't stop there:

Previous editions

+500 startups applied.

12 proofs of concept created.

24 partners.