Shared mobility

Ferrovial challenge

Promote ridesharing in the city


How can we increase ridesharing?

Ferrovial is looking for start-ups that provide solutions to encourage a change in user behaviour, so that users will choose ridesharing more often in their daily lives.

Boosting the number of shared trips within urban areas is a main objective of most cities, and of Ferrovial. But it is not yet standardised among citizens.

User ask a series of questions: Who am I going to share the trip with? Is it safe to get into a vehicle with someone I don't know? What if there is a problem? Imagine that you know in advance who you are going to share the trip with; that you can make sure that it is safe; that you have guarantees and even know what points you have in common with your companions. In short, integrate sharing into your daily routine.

If your startup meets this requirement, step up and respond to Ferrovial's challenge!


The increase in different types of ridesharing like carsharing, motorcycle ridesharing, carpooling, vanpooling, etc., would not only reduce the number of vehicles on the streets, but also the levels of pollution – today, traffic in Spain causes 25% of greenhouse gas emissions.