Connected mobility

Mastercard challenge

Voice payments in connected cars


How can we integrate voice payment into connected cars?

Mastercard is looking for startups with voice identification and payment solutions to pilot test their usefulness to the user while driving, without posing any risk on the road.

Many payments are often made when vehicles are in use. However, making payments when the vehicle is moving can lead to distractions behind the wheel. How can the user make these payments without being a risk on the road?

Users need options, such as systems which, through voice commands, make it easier to make frequent mobility service payments (refuelling, parking, tolls, etc.). All of this while driving and risk-free. That is why this challenge seeks innovative solutions for using voice commands in the transactions that drivers frequently make, without having to stop the car. In turn, this would contribute to a better driving experience, avoiding unnecessary congestion, making urban traffic more fluid while reducing pollution.

If your startup meets this requirement, step up and respond to Mastercard's challenge!


Distractions behind the wheel cause 20% of traffic accidents. Which is why voice-activated payment represents a clear opportunity to make daily and necessary vehicle-related transactions easier while keeping the driver's eyes on the road.