Shared mobility

Iberdrola challenge

Boost collaborative electric vehicle charging


How can we promote sustainable mobility and facilitate access to shared and collaborative charging points?

Iberdrola is looking for startups that can provide solutions to collaborative electric vehicle charging to users who want to share a charging point and/or make use of third-party charging points.

Situations like parking the vehicle on the street at night or users not being able to have their own charging point makes people think twice about buying an electric car. Something that also happens when drivers find themselves away from their usual charging point. Underutilised charging points have also been reported; these are available for much of the day (homes while the user is at work, business centres, supermarkets, etc.).

What solutions can we give users if they can't charge their cars at home?

This challenge seeks collaborative solutions so that electric car users can share their charging points and use third-party points (individuals or companies), through technologies such as software platforms, solutions for automatic access to car parks and restricted areas, online management of charging points, etc.

If your startup meets this requirement, step up and respond to Iberdrola's challenge!


Promoting sustainable mobility is everyone's responsibility. With this initiative we will provide solutions to a very ambitious challenge – with potentially 4 million electric vehicles anticipated in Spain over the next decade - which will overcome two barriers to widespread adoption namely: charging infrastructure and autonomy.