Electric mobility

Naturgy challenge

Democratise electric vehicle charging stations


How could we promote electric mobility in Madrid?

Naturgy is looking for start-ups capable of democratising electric charging stations – in other words, making it possible for EV users to recharge their vehicles anywhere in the city, regardless of the operator and through a single payment platform.

One of the impediments that electric vehicle users find in their day to day is recharging. A major challenge is to create a recharging model with a public infrastructure of universal access.

Imagine a normal day for an electric car user: the car battery is running out, but the driver still has many kilometres to go before reaching her destination; the driver sees a charging point, it seems that the problem will soon be solved, but no luck: when the driver pulls up, she sees that it's not her operator. The challenge seeks to put an end to these situations, so that users can reach their destinations because they can recharge their cars at any charging station, regardless of whether it is the user's operator or not. And they will also be able to easily and conveniently pay for the service.

If your startup meets this requirement, step up and respond to Naturgy's challenge!


The electric vehicle is one of the keys to sustainable mobility in cities and, although it is becoming increasingly more widespread, there is still a long way to go. Spain ranks last in Europe when it comes to charging stations, with a total of 5,209, compared to roughly 30,000 in France and Germany.