Shared mobility

SEAT challenge

Self-management of shared and connected cars


How can we facilitate the self-management of these vehicles?

SEAT is looking for startups with solutions for monitoring shared and connected cars that make it possible to identify the car's status, avoid unnecessary trips and improve user experience.

Shared and connected vehicles in cities make it possible for users to pick up and drop off the shared vehicle in different parking spaces. It is quick and easy, but the vehicles aren't always in optimal condition.

This challenge seeks to facilitate and improve the real-time knowledge of the condition of these vehicles, in order to avoid unnecessary trips for drivers to get the car in prime condition.

How does it benefit the user? Imagine that you pick up a car and know in advance that it has a full tank, that it is in good condition, and how clean it is, if it has any damage, etc. What if you and the company can know the condition of the vehicle in real time and know which user has left what car and under what conditions? What if users can also be rewarded when they take good care of the car?

If your startup meets this requirement, step up and respond to SEAT's challenge!


Cars cause 60.8% of the total CO2 emissions from road transportation, making it the main cause of air pollution. Ridesharing is one of the keys to reducing the number of cars in the city and in turn the carbon footprint.